It is never too early to monitor the proper eruption of the teeth on the arches. The orthodontist can identify malocclusion – crammed teeth or biting problems, thus intervening by guiding the correct eruption of the teeth on the arch. An early orthodontic treatment can prevent a more laborious treatment at a later stage.

· What causes the cramming of teeth or orthodontic problems ?
Malocclusion is often hereditary. Orthodontic problems can be caused by dental trauma, by the premature loss of teeth, by the sucking of the tooth or eating of fingernails. The paediatric dentist can help you correct these vicious habits of your child in order to avoid the break of orthodontic problems.
· Why is early orthodontic treatment important ?
First of all because it improves the physical appearance but its benefits go beyond the aesthetic aspect. The orthodontist can straighten the teeth, can guide the correct eruption of teeth, can correct biting problems and can even prevent some future extractions. Straightening the teeth helps better cleaning them and helps prevent the appearance of caries and gums diseases.