1. What is the difference between a paediatric dentist and a specialist dentist ?
The paediatric dentist is the dentist who deals solely with dental treatment for children as this is his area of expertise.
2. When should the first visit of your child to the dentist take place ?
The first visit must take place once the first teeth on the arch have erupted.
3. What will the child do during his first visit to the paediatric dentist ?
First of all, your child will become familiarised with

the environment, with the personnel from the clinic, with the instruments, s/he will play, colour, in order to become used to the environment for later on, and especially so that s/he can associate going to the dentist with a pleasant place, where nothing frightening can happen.
4. Can I stay with my child during the dental treatment ??
Small children generally feel much more comfortable when accompanied by their parents during treatment and medical check-ups. For children above 3 years of age the doctor-patient communication is more easily established if parents are not present. Some parents consider it adequate to remain in the reception area until the end of the consultation.
5. How much does the dentist consultation cost ?
With the special dental planning for children, the first consultation is free of charge!
6. What must you do for your child’s visit to the paediatric dentist ?
All you have to do is call CITY DENT KIDS for an appointment at or 0740.621.090,
or write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it